“Pabouli” Salad
Parsley and Lemon make this recipe really great and detoxing and giving the liver a break.
Servings Prep Time
6-81/2 cup servings 20mins
Servings Prep Time
6-81/2 cup servings 20mins
  • 2cups Minced Parsleyremove stems
  • 2/3cup Chopped tomatoesor 3 plum tomatoes
  • 1cup Cucumber, de-seededuse Persian or English hot house if possible
  • 1/3cup Fresh Lemon Juice3 small lemons for me
  • 1/4cup olive oil
  • 1/3cup Kalamata Olivescoarse chop
  • 1tsp Salt
  • 1tsp Pepper
  1. On a large cutting board, chopped the tomatoes (leave the seeds, pulp in), the cucumber (be sure to remove the seeds), and the kalamata olives – add those guys to a medium sized mixing bowl. Better yet, if you have a glass storage container with a lid, just put it all in there for prep AND storage to avoid dishes.
  2. Next, de-stem and chop the parsley, you want somewhere between chopped and minced. Not so small that I resembles a dried spice, but not so large that it has big chunks. 1 medium sized bunch of parsley is what I used and it was a bit over 2 cups. Add it to a medium mixed bowl.
  3. Juice the lemons, add the juice to the bowl. Next add the olive oil, salt and pepper – mix well and call it a done. This salad just get’s better each day that goes on since the lemon really joins forces with the parsley in a beautiful way. I’ve also been know to add a can of chickpeas to this recipe for protein – which is super yummy once the avocado and vegan feta are added in.